• Wudy

    Who would have thought back in the 1980s that a chicken and turkey frankfurter would become a leader in a market normally associated with pork? AIA staked its success on Wudy, and this delicious speciality is now the frankfurter of choice for Italian families. Italy’s first chicken and turkey sausage conquered what had been a traditional market, outselling all its rivals. Wudy is now a benchmark of quality and flavour, AIA’s most popular brand.

    Piadina con insalata e wurstel di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
  • Spinacine

    1990 saw the launch of another popular speciality: cutlets with spinach. It’s the ideal choice for kids who love the rich flavour of cutlets, and perfect for parents who want to encourage their kids to eat those dreaded vegetables! Over the years the brand has extended its range to offer something for all the family, with a new twist on the breaded coating and cutlet recipe in the launch of Spinacine Grancroccanti and Spinacine with mozzarella stuffing.

    Fette di pane con formaggio, funghi e Spinacine di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
  • Bon Roll

    Created in 1996, BonRoll is Italy’s best-selling uncooked processed meatloaf product, and the go-to brand in its category. It increases its market share every year, constantly working to improve product quality, introduce innovative products into the range and develop new, exciting methods of brand communication.

    BonRoll di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare, con pomodorini e basilico
  • Aequilibrium

    Italy is the homeland of prosciutto crudo, mortadella and culatello, and here the toughest challenge has always been how to achieve success with a chicken and turkey sliced meat product. 2005 saw the launch of Aequilibrium, giving a boost to the sliced poultry meat market. Aequilibrium is now one of the most important players in the dry-cured meat sector as a whole, and with a constantly growing market share, it has been one of the AIA brand’s most successful innovations.

    Insalata con rucola, fichi e petto di tacchino Aequilibrium di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
  • Negronetto

    Launched in 1931, Negronetto is the iconic product of the Negroni company. The story goes that at the Nice Fair, Paolo Negroni found himself unable to offer his guests sliced meats because of restrictions imposed by the French authorities. His solution was to invent a handy-size salami sausage offering the same mouth-watering quality and flavour as its big brother – and that’s how the first branded handy-sized salami came into being!

    Small but full of flavour, it’s made entirely from Italian meat, carefully selected and processed with skill and experience. Negroni’s time-honoured recipe gives it an intense aroma, delicate taste, and soft, compact consistency.

    Negronetto l'Originale di Negroni Salumi
  • Negroni 4 Castelli Mortadella

    This speciality, with its unique, unmistakable flavour, was introduced in the 1970s. The four stylised towers on the logo recall the village of Quattro Castella in the province of Reggio Emilia, which takes its name from its four hilltop castles. They symbolise a region whose gastronomic traditions are deeply rooted in the history of Emilia.

    Mortadella Bologna di Negroni Salumi
  • Deli Meat Cubes

    Negroni is one of the main operators in the cubetti (diced meat) sector. It offers a wide range of products, from the classic pancetta, ideal for carbonara and amatriciana sauces, to new specialities in a longer format for fresh salads and creative recipes.

    Pancetta in cubetti di Negroni Salumi
  • Culatello di Zibello

    Zibello, a village near Parma, is the home of the Villa Gambara company, owned by Negroni since 1962. This makes three gastronomic highlights from the fine cured meats range – Culatello DOP, Coppa, and Pancetta. Negroni has skilfully drawn on local traditions and climate conditions to create these unique products, inspired by artisanal pork processing techniques handed down from generation to generation.

    Zibello products have been awarded “Marchio di Qualità” (Quality Mark) status by Zibello’s village council, an accolade that recognises specialities with close links to regional traditions. Coppa di Zibello Negroni and Pancetta di Zibello Negroni have also been recognised as brands by Italy’s ministry of economic development.

    Culatello di Zibello di Negroni Salumi
  • Gran cotto

    This artisanal speciality by Negroni is the result of slowly oven-roasting the most highly prized cut of ham from Italian pigs (if the rind is removed, the same cut provides Culatello Stagionato). In 2010 it won Superior Taste Award certification from the Brussels-based International Taste Institute (formerly iTQi), whose purpose is to select and promote superior products sold around the world. Every year the Belgian capital hosts a team of crack chefs and sommeliers from all over Europe, taking part in an event that is not a competition, but an evaluation of all the products, judging them on their individual merits.

    Gran Cotto di Negroni Salumi
  • Fini zampone and cotechino

    These celebration dinner specials are made by Fini, a leader in the pre-cooked market. Since 1912 they have been hallmarks of the high-quality products and fine gastronomic traditions of the Emilia region. Zampone and Cotechino are the most representative examples, prepared according to a time-honoured recipe handed down over the decades by the Fini family and produced exclusively using Italian meat.

    Zampone e cotechino con fichi e lenticchie
  • Stella sliced meats

    Negroni Stella is Negroni’s iconic pre-packed sliced meats brand. The Negroni name, in a clean, elegant red italic font, was created in 1907 as part of Pietro Negroni’s pioneering business enterprise – to produce dry-cured meats on an industrial scale, anticipating the modern concept of branded products.

    This distinctive brand, a symbol of quality, made Negroni dry-cured meats immediately recognisable. The red signature was the first identifying mark, and it wasn’t until the end of the first world war that the Stella (star) hallmark first appeared. Although its design was inspired by the style of military decorations, the Star had no connection with the war – it was created as a distinctive hallmark for Negroni specialities. The brand went on to become an immediately recognisable icon, a symbol of outstanding quality and reliability.

    Prosciutto crudo, Cotto stella, Mortadella Bologna, Salame Milano e Prosciutto di Parma di Negroni Salumi