One business, many talents

Ours is a people-centred company. We have over 8,000 employees working to bring high-quality products to the tables of consumers in Italy and around the world.

We work together in a spirit of loyalty, transparency, sustainability, and fair competition, making the most of each individual’s specific professional skills.

Dipendente del team di Gruppo Veronesi

What we do

  • Human resources

    Human resources

    The HR division manages over 8,000 direct employees from seventy-five countries, each with their own unique skill set. It helps the company to achieve its objectives, and supports employees throughout their careers with Veronesi. Its mission is to maintain consistently high standards of professionalism and ensure that staff have the expertise they need to maintain the group’s benchmark status in its sector.
  • Sales


    Our brands reach some eighty countries around the world. We export high-quality Italian meat products and animal feeds, while our comprehensive distribution system at home has allowed us to achieve a nationwide presence. Seventeen percent of our production goes abroad. Our distributors, specialising in specific markets and channels, together with our dedicated export sales team, bring our brands to the tables of consumers in Italy and across the globe.
  • Research, development, and marketing

    Research, development, and marketing

    Innovation is an integral part of Gruppo Veronesi’s identity, and is a quality consumers have always associated with our AIA, Negroni, and Veronesi brands. The purpose of research, development and marketing is to interpret and anticipate changing consumer tastes. Our strong focus on innovation has enabled us to create new markets for traditional Italian foods, and to bring new products to people’s tables. We travel widely, keeping a close eye on cultural changes that could influence the market. We believe in the importance of communication in sustaining our key brands, which inspire intense consumer loyalty.
  • Veterinary services division

    Veterinary services division

    This serves as a centre of excellence for the animal husbandry sector, with veterinary experts using the latest technologies to support all aspects of farmers’ lives, from building and modernising farms to providing technology advice and performing livestock inspections. Because we work with so many farmers and so many different animals, the support we provide must comply with strict rules. Our technicians, farmers and veterinarians maintain daily contact and achieve the very highest quality standards.
  • ICT


    Our ICT division works closely with all areas of the company, developing integrated digital business processes that can be managed in real time using industry 4.0 technology. The unique complexity of the group and its integrated supply chain requires us to develop dedicated software to analyse, collate and manage the huge quantities of data we generate. The ICT division’s main mission is to ensure that all systems in the chain can talk to one another to support the company’s goals and strategies and solve its problems. We collaborate with many of the world’s leading technology companies, making the division an even more dynamic and stimulating place to work.
  • Logistics


    Logistics is the final link in a long and complex chain, ensuring that product quality is maintained until it reaches the consumer. Thanks to our sophisticated proprietary IT system, we can monitor the status and temperature parameters of each delivery in real time. Customs certification enables us to deliver more quickly to many parts of Europe and the rest of the world. The jewel in our crown is the highly automated robot technology we use to store and prepare products for dispatch.
  • Production technology

    Production technology

    Our twenty-three factories use highly automated production lines and robot technology, as well as next-generation logistical platforms. These require increasingly advanced technology and engineering know-how. We invest tens of millions of euro in production technology each year, so we’re always on the lookout for young and talented maintenance engineers to tackle new challenges and grow with us.
  • Quality


    Quality is an issue that affects every link in the group’s supply chain, from the arrival of raw materials to distribution of the end product. Each is subject to meticulous checks by our staff of almost 100 quality controllers (sixty-five of whom work in the food division, and twenty-nine in feeds), who work closely with the quality managers of each production facility. Our in-house diagnostic and chemical laboratories enable us to carry out rapid checks to ensure that our food and feed products meet the very highest standards.