Filiera Garantita

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    Feed production has been at the basis of our supply chain for over sixty years. We monitor raw material quality standards to provide a crucial safeguard for animal health. Only if the results are entirely satisfactory can they enter our sites to be mixed and transformed into livestock feed, which is immediately delivered to the animals in our rearing units.

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    Respect for animals is a fundamental value that underlies all our operations. We rear and nurture our animals responsibly, in line with modern farming principles. Over 2,000 expert farmers work with us, all passionate about what they do. Most operate small or medium-sized enterprises, all are in Italy, and all embody the excellence of Italy’s agricultural and farming industry. They are backed by our team of vets and technicians, who ensure that our farms achieve the highest standards of safety and well-being.

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    Fresh, breaded, and processed meat products

    Excellence in processing fresh products is the objective behind the technological development of our supply chain. We process and package the meat in specialised, cutting-edge facilities, supported by constant investment in innovation. This enables us to achieve the highest levels of food safety and quality with a guarantee of exceptional hygiene and cleanliness.

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    Cured meats

    Our facilities create the finest cured meats based on traditional methods and ingredients, upholding Italy’s worldwide reputation for quality. These include our DOP (protected designation of origin) products, Prosciutto Crudo di ParmaProsciutto Crudo di San Daniele and cacciatore, IGP (protected geographical indication) products; and cooked ham, salami and mortadella.

    We offer consumers in Italy and around the world high-quality products combining traditional methods with high-tech production processes.


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    We prepare almost three million 100% Italian eggs for distribution every day. Each one undergoes rigorous checks to ensure its integrity, and is stamped so that its exact origin can be traced.
    We have also developed an entire range of egg products, and high-quality pasteurised liquid eggs, to respond to the specific requirements of consumers and professionals looking for high-protein products.

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    We have developed a comprehensive logistical network that enables us to reach sales outlets throughout Italy and abroad only a few hours after production. Our fleet of modern vehicles does this every day, so that our products are as fresh as possible, conforming to the strict criteria of the cold supply chain. We deliver quality products to over seventy countries around the world, and from Shanghai to New York.

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