A family story

Un giovane Apollinaire Veronesi

The origins

The group’s story starts with its founder, Apollinare Veronesi. He was a young man when he began working in the family business, running his father’s water mill and continuing a family tradition that dated back five centuries. His keen interest in technological innovation and the experience he gained at work were the two foundation stones underpinning the business success of the years to come.


Un giovane Apollinare Veronesi


This year was a turning point, as its founder’s vision led to the establishment of Gruppo Veronesi. Meat had returned to the tables of post-war Italy, and Apollinare Veronesi built the first feed plant at Quinto di Valpantena in the province of Verona. Driven by his commitment to innovation and constant research, the company grew and evolved from 1958 onwards.

Primo impianto mangimistico Veronesi nel 1958


The group entered the poultry production and processing sectors with the foundation of Agricola Italiana Alimentare S.p.A, which became famous in Italy and throughout the world as AIA.

AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
Allevamento avicolo AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare


Veronesi began pork production, acquiring abattoirs, curing plants, and the Montorsi company. Its poultry interests continued to expand with the addition of Palladio, Cok, Pavo, and Ovomattino.

Accurati controlli su carni suine, introdotte nel Gruppo Veronesi nel 1985
Accurati controlli su carni suine, introdotte nel Gruppo Veronesi nel 1985


The group acquired Negroni, a long-established name in high-quality Italian dry-cured meats. In a few years, it became one of the most important players in the sliced meat market.

Salumeria con pubblicità di Negroni Salumi


Our group has very close ties to its Italian origins, and 100% of our production takes place in an integrated domestic supply chain. The company is still owned by the Veronesi family, and is now in the capable hands of the third generation, whose members head the board of directors. The principles embraced by its founder – propriety, fairness, integrity, loyalty, safety and professionalism – guide the workforce in their dealings with internal and external stakeholders.

Filiera di AIA, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
Gruppo Veronesi