Looking after employees’ welfare is an important way of helping them achieve the right work-life balance.

Personale del team di Gruppo Veronesi

Our welfare scheme

In 2017, we made two important changes to the contractual variable bonus system.

  1. Alongside the existing payment criteria, we introduced new parameters designed to encourage greater employee participation in achieving the highest possible safety and environmental standards.
  2. At the time of renewing our employees’ contracts, we introduced an employee welfare bonus scheme in collaboration with the local employers’ association, Confindustria Verona. Already covering over 80% of employees, the scheme will be extended to the whole workforce the next time contracts are renewed. By logging on to a specific website, eligible employees can now convert their performance bonuses into a wide range of tax-free goods and services designed to improve the quality of their lives. The available options include healthcare, education, additional social security benefits, and leisure services.
Salute e sicurezza dei dipendenti

Employee health and safety

We are extremely committed to protecting our employees’ health and safety. Our safety policy sets out an effective accident prevention and management system for all workers. As well as ensuring that we meet our legal responsibilities, it seeks to make continuous improvements to working conditions.


Since 2007, the group has participated in an accident prevention and safety awareness project in collaboration with INAIL Veneto. Involving all food manufacturers in the region, it provides department heads and supervisors with ongoing workplace safety training. In 2017, the project was also rolled out in the Lombardy region, in association with INAIL Lombardia.