The AIA brand has been selling meat and egg products since its launch in 1968. The company’s clear vision of the future and innovative research have led it to take on the challenge of breaking into new sectors, and becoming the market leader in these areas.

    Wudy, Aequilibrium and Bon Roll are just three of these success stories. AIA’s ability to come up with new solutions to market requirements and anticipate the demand from a constantly evolving clientele has made it a major force in the sectors where it operates.


    Piadina con insalata e wurstel di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
  • Negroni

    Negroni is Italy’s best-known and loved dry-cured deli meat brand, and has been part of Gruppo Veronesi for twenty years.

    The unmistakable star logo provides a benchmark of quality and excellence for this sector, and a trusted guarantee for consumers.


    Fetta di pane condite con salame di Negroni Salumi
  • Veronesi

    Veronesi is Gruppo Veronesi’s livestock feed brand, the largest in Italy, eighth biggest in Europe and 36th in the world. It is the group’s premier brand, the foundation stone of a constant commitment to a diversified, high-quality supply chain.


    Acquisto dei cereali