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    The consumer at the centre

    We are strongly committed to satisfying consumer tastes and expectations, and always work to anticipate and exceed their desires.

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    A passion for quality

    We aim for excellence at every stage of production, from field to table, choosing partners who share our passion.

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    Constant innovation

    A commitment to research and an enthusiastic embrace of new developments in the industry are deeply rooted in our history, and form a major part of our quality strategy. We want to continue surprising the market with innovative products reflecting the best of Italy’s fine food traditions.

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    The group spirit

    The motivation and professional growth of the people who work with us are the key to our success. Respect, trust, integrity and dialogue are the principles that inspire us to generate enthusiasm and a group spirit.

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    We seek efficiency throughout the production chain, paying constant attention to the health and safety of our collaborators. We compare ourselves to the market in order to achieve constant improvements in our performance.

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    Sustainability is one of the most important factors driving development, and we regard it as a crucial commitment for the benefit of future generations. We believe that financial success must go hand in hand with safeguarding the environment and enhancing people’s wellbeing.

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    Creating value

    Our story is founded on the values of our brands and the heritage embodied by our supply chain. We seek to generate revenue by ethical means, while creating sound financial and social relationships.

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    Animal welfare

    We regard respect for animals as a primary value. Every day we join thousands of farmers in ensuring that animals are treated responsibly, with an emphasis on their health and wellbeing.

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