Gruppo Veronesi: produzione mangimi, trasformazione e distribuzione delle carni e dei salumi della tradizione gastronomica italiana

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  • Piadina con insalata e wurstel di AIA Food, Agricola Italiana Alimentare
  • Salumi Negroni
  • Coltivazioni e rispetto dei coltivatori, della filiera e della natura
  • Apollinare Veronesi

    A life spanning the 20th century that has left a profound impression on Italian life and culture.

  • The power of transparency

    Discover the Annual Report 2020. A window onto the world of Veronesi.

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    Personale del team di Gruppo Veronesi
  • Our stories

    People, projects, initiatives – there are many ways of experiencing the Gruppo Veronesi’s values, and each has its own story to tell.

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    Coltivazioni e rispetto dei coltivatori e della natura


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Gruppo Veronesi and Finest SpA launch new Russian venture

Veronesi has invested some €11 million in a pilot project involving the creation of a...
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Gruppo Veronesi consolidates its leadership of the Italian agrifood sector with 2018 sales close to €3 billion

The company is maintaining sustainable growth by continuing to invest in its high-tech Italian factories....
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In four years, Gruppo Veronesi pays out over €8,000 in bonuses to each of its 8,000 employees

In February, the group will pay a variable productivity bonus agreed with trade unions. This...
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