Skills for the future

Maintaining control over the entire supply chain is one of the keys to our success and requires us to develop and build on specific high-profile skills.

The complexity of this chain, combined with our unique focus on technological innovation, means that we require a very specific range of expertise in our workforce. As such, we are always on the lookout for young, talented, and passionate people to join key areas of our company, expand our values and know-how, and share in our growth.

Personale del team di Gruppo Veronesi
Dipendente del team di Gruppo Veronesi

Identifying and developing talent is essential if we are to remain the leading innovator in our field. This is why we set up the “Feed the Future” project, a series of initiatives aimed at group employees and school and university students.

Academy: Our in-house master’s programme is designed for people in highly skilled roles. It combines classroom teaching with field activities in which more experienced colleagues share their knowledge.

Induction: Everyone who joins the company at any level receives five days’ training from division managers, who introduce them to all links in the supply chain.

From education to work: Each year, we host large numbers of secondary school students on part-time work placements, and build links with universities by organising internships, research and other projects.