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Negroni airs its new commercial for the Stella line of 100-percent Italian sliced meats, a perfect combination of quality and taste.
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Italian cooks

AIA returns to Italian homes with a series of ads and a web campaign where the products play the starring role in culinary challenges.
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Negronetto radio campaign

A radio ad for Negroni’s most famous product, the first handy-size, branded sausage.


Negroni press campaign

A campaign for the company’s wide range of dry-cured meats, known at the time above all for its delicious salami.


Give yourself the pleasure!

AIA introduced its Spinacine in 1990. In 1994 it launched a spot that focused on the product’s unbeatable combination of goodness and healthiness.
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Compare for yourself

Negronetto features in a TV ad that persuades viewers of its quality by playing on the impossibility of making comparative ads.
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AIA, ready for anything!

AIA launches the Prontocuoci range, in a new, practical ready-to-cook format. 
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AIA, every dish a celebration

The AIA chicken is transformed into an animated cartoon, carrying out a series of feats and captivating pop culture icons like Marilyn Monroe and Aladdin.
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You just can’t help loving it

Negroni presents a light-hearted, affectionate picture of the Italian family, and Negronetto becomes the star of a famous ad.
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Ave Ninchi for AIA

The actor Ave Ninchi is a special guest joining Italian families around the dinner table. In this ad, she tells some fascinating stories about her career as she enjoys the wonderful flavour of AIA chicken.
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Did you say AIA chicken?

AIA joins Italian families in their homes for the first time, with an ad highlighting the product it’s best known for: chicken.
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Ugo Tognazzi for Negroni

As a young man, Ugo Tognazzi worked for the company, and here he features in some TV sketches that play on this. The image of Clark Gable is used for the poster.
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“There are so many stars …”

The jingle that went “Le stelle sono tante, milioni di milioni, la Stella di Negroni vuol dire qualità” (“There are so many stars, millions of millions, the Negroni Star means quality”) was heard for the first time. Negroni took part in the “Carosello” TV programme.
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Jacovitti for Negroni

The famous cartoonist Benito Jacovitti, the inventor of Cocco Bill, creates a fun menu and some posters for Negroni salumi.


“The Negroni ballerina”

A dancer dressed only in slices of salami – a costume inspired by Josephine Baker – dances with the iconic star logo on one of the brand’s most famous posters.


The Negronetto is born

The invention of the Negronetto by Paolo Negroni marks the introduction of the first branded salami and the brand’s first advertising posters.